Theological Teaching-Service does not have many full time missionaries, but we do minister at many places. In between we do have this possibility, because of numbers of qualified guest teachers, who are providing special subjects for us.

Guest Teachers

Theological Teaching-Service is very thankfull for the guest teachers helping to do the ministry:

Jochen Jochen Detlefsen: lives in Germany, and is chairman of TSS. He is teacher for maths and physics at a christian school in Frankfurt/M. For many decates Jochen Detlefsen was on staff with Campus Crusade. His subjets are spiritual growth, leading of small groups, and biblical financial principles.
Passfoto-Herbert2 Herbert Epp: now living in Germany, was born in Paraguay. He gratuated from the Giessen School of Theology and has experiences for many years in Eastern Europe even before he joined helping TSS. He teaches the book of Acts and the books of Solomon.
Thomas-Gardner.jpg Thomas Gardner: was born and now living in Jackson Mississppi/USA. Thomas married his wife Mollie and they have three boys. Thomas graduating from Belhaven in 2003 with a B.A.. In 2018 he received a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary. Thomas has been on staff at Riverwood Bible Church in Jackson Mississippi as Associate Pastor since the summer of 2012.
2006-2012 Thomas ministered at International Christian School of Vienna. In January of 2015 he became the Senior Pastor of Riverwood Bible Church. Since 2013 he is guest teacher with Theologischer Schulugs-Service(World Reach Germany).