About us

We are

Theological Teaching-Service is a interdenominational small and effective mission association supported by all different kinds of churches. We stress the substance of Biblical truth and we are part of World Evengelical Alliance.

Our offer

Theological Teaching-Service – the name equals the program. As a service we go to the people where they live and offer them trainings of knowing the God’s Word better and we teach them how to apply it in this world. We do not teach a certain way of interpreting the Bible. The Bible alone is the means by which we teach.

  • It is not our intention to create certain changes. We leave it to God and His Word to bring about changes.
  • Therefore Church traditions are respected – Biblical doctrine creates changes.
  • Answers to todays questions will be found by intensive study of the Bible.

We’ve done

Theological Teaching – Service has ministered for over 20 years in East and South East Europe. Because we respect foreign cultures and can easly adapt, we gained credibility. This is evidenced by many invitations and recommendations.


Even it was not our intention, 1991 we were called to minister in the Sovjet Union, by replacing another professor on short notice. Because of this the Lord let our ministry mainly into Eastern Europe for many years, although we minister at other places, too.

We do

Theological Teaching-Service does not bring presents but the Word of God. We teach Bible knowledge to Church laymen and pastors and train up spiritual leaders. For this purpose we use all kind of modern media but outlines are never handed out. We are convinced that by listening, watching and writing down notes the greatest learning is achieved.


Theological Teaching-Service has a transparent administration. We keep people informed through reports.

Theological Teaching-Service is the German branch of World Reach Inc. It is a faith based mission trusting God to provide the financial resources necessary to do the work of ministry. Because every team member is responsible for raising his own financial support and each giver knows exactly whom and / or what he supports.